Life Members

The following members Have Made Major Impacts to the Successful Growth of our club, making is the best recreational running club around.

Mark Malony
Life Member / Ex President

Mark was president from 2010 - 2018. He was our initial editor and publisher of our Home Runs, the club newsletter. Mark's contribution to the club is well acknowledged and appreciated, making him the first life member.

Eero Keranen
Club Founder / Coach / Life Member

Eero founded this club many years back and has been actively involved since. He was our initial head coach for Tuesday night track sessions, and co-ordinated all sessions solo. Eero is paramount to the athlete training and always someone who is great to bounce any running questions at. Eero was made life member in 2018

Peter Buissink
Treasurer / Life Member

Peter has been a Hobbo for close to two decades, and in the past a soccer player and sprinter. Peter does an enormous amount of work for our club as treasurer and for many years, race handicapper. Peter was made Life Member in 2019

John Condon
Foundation Hobbo / Life Member

John, along with a select few, run in the first handicap, making a foundation Hobbo. His running achievements include three handicap wins in a row, the only three-peat in Hobbos history. Despite hanging up his running shoes, John remained a fixture around the club at handicaps, minding keys at timeball runs and track sessions, gifts, and social events, John was made Patron in 2018 and a Life Member in 2021. Sadly John passed away on 15th November 2021. The club was made so much better by John being such an loyal member. We all miss John's jokes.

John Gray
President / Ex Secretary / Life Member

2020 John was elected president, after many years as club secretary. While always a keen runner, John has improved his ability so much since joining the Hobbos. He has become an integral part of making sure the club remains successful.

John has steered the club to almost 50% growth, and guided us through the Covid season.

His contributions have been recognised and John was made a Life Member in 2023