Why are we in construction

Some Low Life decided to use this non-profit, community running club site for their own gains. We will take the safer approach and rebuild if this occurs, and let Karma decide what will be ahead for the perpetrators.

What ramifications does this have – This causes major time issues reconstructing the site, as we will never rely on a backup/restore for this scenario to ensure no remnants are ever restored, and that our community volunteer club members are at no risk. The site will be down during this period. The time it takes for this just makes everyones (and my) day so much harder, and is so annoying. With a perpetrator the advantages are minimal, for a major impact to us. Best that the perpetrators get a real job, help people, and do positive things in their lives for some good karma. Targetting non profit clubs with NO money transactions on their site is time wasted for all.